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Gregg's practice involves the prosecution and litigation of all intellectual property matters, including licensing, joint development and employment agreements, patent validity and infringement opinions, and the preparation and prosecution of patents, trademarks and copyrights.He has performed numerous investigations and drafted many opinions regarding non-infringement and patent validity. In particular, his approach to the investigation into the validity of patents is to explore all possible avenues for prior art. His “no stone left unturned” strategy when investigating patent infringement has enabled his clients to continue doing business with confidence when they initially thought that their business would be disrupted because of competitor’s patents.Gregg is a member of the Michigan Intellectual Property Law Association (MIPLA), the American Bar Association, and the Intellectual Property Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan, and the Automation Alley Consortium – an organization dedicated to promoting the development of technology companies in Michigan. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry from Albion College, and his Juris Doctor degree from Michigan State University Detroit College of Law.

Gregg Ozga

Patent Counsel

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