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Daniel has his B.B.A. in Management with a minor in Marketing from Walsh College. He also has his Business Soft Skills Certification from Oakland University. Daniel has been involved with several mobile app projects since college but has devoted his last two years to My Campus.  "...A software that provides tools all of us would have benefited from."

Daniel Vera

CEO & Co-founder
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Students and staff download the My Campus app on their phone and are instantly connected with everything their campus has to offer.

Students can start or join study groups, give or receive help on class work, even be alerted of class changes, sports or school closings right from their phone.

Staff can push out reminders, emergency alerts, or even school activity and sports information.

Your campus, a safer and easier way.

Staff Benefits

Fastest, most direct and efficient way to reach modern high school students and staff.

Student Benefits

Connects students with everything and everyone on their campus.