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Students can connect with their teachers and classmates on a secure, monitored network. The ablity to filter between business and pleasure offers student users a portal to better their grades and to get involved with extra curricular activities. Whether it's a class reminder, school alert or an emergency situation, it puts everyone in the know... now.


Academics are essential for students to keep up with for obvious reasons. My Campus constantly offering students more tools and resources will only make semesters less stressful. The Academics aspect of My Campus allows students to get out of it what they put into it. My Campus allows students to easily select the classes they take each semester to encourage student engagement. When posting an academic event, only other classmates will see the post. My Campus, in real time, allows students to set up group activities, tutor sessions, or any schoolwork of any kind at any time. The Academics section is a popular resource for students to take advantage of. Getting the best grades possible and connecting with your classmates is what the Academics section is all about.


Recreational activities and events take place on high school campuses everyday of the week. Students will have the ability to join and/or post events and activities of all kinds at their own discretion. There are many things to do during the school year and during summer months. This allows students to connect with their classmates and meet new friends. Whether you are new to a high school campus or already have a few friends there, joining recreational activities is a great way to find common ground with all fellow students.From Varsity sports and clubs to school dances, RECREATION pushes student engagement.


A major aspect of high school is meeting new people and making life-long friends. My Campus gives students the ability to view, message and meet all of their students. From freshmen to seniors, if you are an active student, you have the ability to connect through My Campus. Students can filter by gender, classmates, grade, or view all. While scrolling through fellow students, users have the option to message anyone at their school. Students can filter through teachers and message them with any class questions. Clicking a profile picture takes you to that student’s or teacher's profile. The CONNECT section is a great way to meet students you might not have a class with and is sure to be a popular feature of My Campus.