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Administration | Faculty | Support

  • Administrative staff has the ability to directly messaging a student, a specific class, club, or another staff member of the entire campus by grade, gender, department, sport etc to get their message to the specific group.
  • Any staff member can see if and when their messages are read by the group; "28/30 views".
  • To make things more convenient, staff also has the ability to load "scheduled messages" if they have recurring alerts or reminders they'd like to push out to any user.
  • A staff member's profile consists a photo, title, department, email, class phone and a list of their classes.

Message, Announcements, Create Club

  • Faculty can message all other staff members or any student. This is easily done by filtering their search of by teachers or students name, by class or by department.
  • Any teacher can create clubs with ease and send club invites to students, as well as accept/verify students who select their club.


  • A vital tool of thew My Campus software.
  • In the event of an emergency, whether if be a Fire, Altercation, Medical or Lock down, information can be pushed out quickly and effectively to ensure the safety of students and staff by instantly letting them know what the situation is.