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My Campus at Work

My Campus enhances the school experience by allowing students to stay engaged with their campus in ways never before possible. Leveraging the mobile technology, My Campus is designed to be extremely user friendly and appealing to the modern student's lifestyle. My Campus eliminates the stressful process of having to get acquainted with the new school environment by allowing students to make use of all they have around them.

With the emergence of mobile technology and constant advancements, there are many voids to be filled through mobile applications. One major area that has been overlooked is the school setting. Leveraging technology to make the school experience the best it can possibly be is precisely what My Campus does. Today’s students want to know what is going on around them. My Campus allows students to not only connect with their student body but also get involved in all the events and opportunities that would have otherwise passed them by. Whether it’s studying, extracurricular, recreational, or getting to know fellow students, My Campus offers an instant portal to all. Being exclusive to students per school is what makes My Campus unique. Students can join on their iPhone or Droid using their student ID and email, this way students won’t be bothered with users that aren’t enrolled at their school.

My Campus embodies (3) main aspects of a student’s lifestyle and condenses them down into one functional application in the palm of their hand; Academics, Recreation, & Connect.

My Campus is envisioned to be the first ever mobile student network which is extremely user-friendly.


Students and staff download the My Campus app on their phone and are instantly connected with everything their campus has to offer.

Students can start or join study groups, give or receive help on class work, even be alerted of class changes, sports or school closings right from their phone.

Staff can push out reminders, emergency alerts, or even school activity and sports information.

Your campus, a safer and easier way.

Staff Benefits

Fastest, most direct and efficient way to reach modern high school students and staff.

Student Benefits

Connects students with everything and everyone on their campus.