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Recreational activities and events take place on high school campuses everyday of the week. Students will have the ability to join and/or post events and activities of all kinds at their own discretion. There are many things to do during the school year and during summer months. This allows students to connect with their classmates and meet new friends. Whether you are new to a high school campus or already have a few friends there, joining recreational activities is a great way to find common ground with all fellow students.From Varsity sports and clubs to school dances, RECREATION pushes student engagement.

Executive Summary

Students and staff download the My Campus app on their phone and are instantly connected with everything their campus has to offer.

Students can start or join study groups, give or receive help on class work, even be alerted of class changes, sports or school closings right from their phone.

Staff can push out reminders, emergency alerts, or even school activity and sports information.

Your campus, a safer and easier way.

Staff Benefits

Fastest, most direct and efficient way to reach modern high school students and staff.

Student Benefits

Connects students with everything and everyone on their campus.